Dr. David Nanigian

Dr. David Nanigian

Dr. Nanigian’s personal mission is to educate his students to become the best personal financial planners that they can be! He regularly teaches Retirement Planning (FIN 408), Estate Planning (FIN 409), and the Theory and Practice of Personal Financial Planning (FIN 410), which is the “capstone” financial plan development course in the Mihaylo College’s financial planning program. Prior to joining Cal State Fullerton in 2016, Dr. Nanigian was an Associate Professor of Investments in the Richard D. Irwin Graduate School at The American College of Financial Services. He also held a faculty appointment at Penn State University. Nanigian holds a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University, an MBA from UC Irvine, and a BBA from San Diego State University. Dr. Nanigian’s research is motivated by an overarching goal of helping individuals make better investment decisions. Nanigian is frequently ranked in the top 10% of authors on Elsevier’s Social Science Research Network and recent peer-reviewed research discovered that he is one of the most prolific authors in the financial planning literature*. He is best known for his research on mutual funds, which is regularly cited in not only academic journals but also global media outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Associated Press. You can learn more about Dr. Nanigian’s research on his Social Science Research Network Author Page. In addition to directing the Mihaylo College’s award-winning financial planning program, teaching specialty courses on financial planning, and conducting practically relevant research, Nanigian actively participates in a variety of professional and community service activities. He serves as the Vice President of Communications at the Academy of Financial Services, which hosts the largest academic personal financial planning conference. He also serves as a subject matter expert volunteer for the CFP Board in which he writes questions for the CFP® examination. Nanigian also serves as an associate editor for the Financial Services Review, the Journal of Personal Finance, and the Journal of Financial Service Professionals. *Source: Cummings, Benjamin F., and Jean L. Heck. 2015. “The Most Prolific Authors in Financial Planning Literature.” Journal of Financial Planning 28 (12): 50–62.

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Email: dnanigian@fullerton.edu

Office: SGMH 5190

Phone: Ext. 4690