Dr. Huiran Pan

Dr. Huiran Pan

Huiran Pan joined Mihaylo College of Business and Economics in 2009. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Davis. Her research interests focus on international finance, open economy macroeconomics, monetary economics and applied econometrics. Her recent work pertains to the ongoing debt crisis and financial crisis, the crash of housing markets, increasing bank instability, and their impacts on financial development and economic growth.


Ph.D (Economics), University of California-Davis


Fields of Interest

International Finance

Open Economy Macroeconomics

Monetary Economics

Applied Econometrics



Refereed Journal Articles

Pan, H., Wang, C. (2013). House Prices, Bank Instability, and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Threshold Model. Journal of Banking and Finance, 37(5),1720-1732.

Pan, H. (2013). Asset Revaluation and Trade Balance under Liability Dollarization: The Case of South Korea. Journal of Economic Development, 38(3),1-32.

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