Refereed Publications

Institutions, Parental Selection, and Locus of ControlPDF File PDF File . (2018) (with Andrew Gill). Applied Economics Letters 25(15), 1041-1044.

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The Effect of a Severe Health Shock on Work Behavior: Evidence from Different Health Care RegimesPDF File Opens in new window
(with Nabanita Datta Gupta and Mona Larsen) (2015). Social Science & Medicine 136-137: 44-51.

Rounding, Focal Point Answers and Nonresponse to Subjective Probability QuestionsPDF File Opens in new window
(with Arthur van Soest) (2014). Journal of Applied Econometrics 29(5): 567-585.

The Man of the House – How the Use of Household Head Characteristics leads to Omitted Variable BiasPDF File Opens in new window (2013). Economics Letters 119, 133-135.

An Economic Analysis of Identity and Career ChoicePDF File Opens in new window
(with Maria Knoth Humlum and Helena Skyt Nielsen) (2012). Economic Inquiry 50(1), 39-61.

Family Background and Gender Differences in Educational ExpectationsPDF File Opens in new window
(2010) Economics Letters 107: 125-127.

Do Gender Differences in Preferences for Competition Matter for Occupational Expectations? PDF File Opens in new window
(2009). Journal of Economic Psychology 30: 701-710.

Intertemporal Consumption with Directly Measured Welfare Functions and Subjective ExpectationsPDF File Opens in new window
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The Colombian Pension System After the Reform of 1994: Evaluation and PerspectivesPDF File (2003). International Social Security Review 56 (1), 31-52.

Selected Other Publications

Kann Kollusion die hohen Rentenversicherungsgebühren in Kolumbien erklären? (Can Collusion explain the high fees for pension insurance in Colombia?) (with Anthony Dukes), 2005. In: Fritz, Barbara and Katja Hujo (eds.): Oekonomie unter den Bedingungen Lateinamerikas: Erkundungen zu Geld und Kredit, Sozialpolitik und Umwelt, Schriftenreihe des Instituts fuer Iberoamerika-Kunde, Frankfurt/Madrid: Vervuert, 213-229.

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