Daniel Cavagnaro

Daniel Cavagnaro


Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834-6848

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Office: SGMH - 4193

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Email:  dcavagnaro@fullerton.edu


Journal Publications

Regenwetter, M & Cavagnaro, D.R. (in press).  Removing the shackles of regression analysis: How to stay true to your theory of binary response probabilities.  Psychological Methods. PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R., Sensoy, B.A., Wang, Y., & Weisbach, M.S. (in press).  Measuring Institutional Investors' Skill from their Investments in Private Equity.  Journal of Finance.

Cavagnaro, D.R. & Davis-Stober, C.P. (in press).  A Model-Based Test for Treatment Effects with Probabilistic Classification.  Psychological Methods. PDF File

Online supplement to: A Model-Based Test for Treatment Effects with Probabilistic Classification

Davis-Stober, C.P., McCarthy, D., Cavagnaro, D.R., Price, M., Brown, N. & Park, S. (in press).  Is cognitive impairment related to violations of rationality?  An alcohol intoxication study testing transitivity of preferences.  Decision.

Aranovich, G., Cavagnaro, D.R., Pitt, M.A., Myung, J.I., & Mathews, M.D. (2017). A Model-based Analysis of Decision making under Risk in Obsessive-Compulsive and Hoarding Disorders.  Journal of Psychiatric Research, 90, 126-132.

Regenwetter, M., Cavagnaro, D.R., Popova, A., Guo, Y., Zwilling, C., Lim, S.H., & Stevens, J.R. (2017). Heterogeneity and Parsimony in Intertemporal Choice. Decision, 5(2), 63-94.

Cavagnaro, D.R., Aranovich, G., McClure, S., Pitt, M.A., & Myung, J.I. (2016). On the fucntional form of temporal discounting: An optimzed adaptive test.  Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 52(3). PDF File

Davis-Stober, C.P., Brown, N., & Cavagnaro, D.R. (2015). Individual Differences in the Algebraic Structure of Preferences. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 66, 70-82. PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R. & Davis-Stober, C.P. (2014). Transitive in our preferences but transitive in different ways: an analysis of choice variability. Decision, 1(2), 102-122.PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R., Pitt, M.A., Gonzalez, R., & Myung, J.I. (2013). Discriminating Among Probability Weighting Functions Using Adaptive Design Optimization.PDF File Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 47(3), 255-289.PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R., Gonzalez, R., Myung, J.I. & Pitt, M.A. (2013). Optimal Decision Stimuli for Risky Choice Experiments: An Adaptive Approach.PDF File Management Science, 52(2), 358-375.PDF File

Myung, J.I., Cavagnaro, D.R., & Pitt, M.A. (2013). A Tutorial on Adaptive Design Optimization.PDF File Journal of Mathematical Psychology. 57(3-4), 53-67.PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R., Pitt, M.A., & Myung, J.I. (2011). Model Discrimination through Adaptive Experimentation.PDF File Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 18(1), 204-210.PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R., Myung, J.I, Pitt, M.A. & Kujala, J.V. (2010). Adaptive Design Optimization: A Mutual Information Based Approach to Model Discrimination in Cognitive Science.PDF File Neural Computation, 22(4), 887-905.PDF File

Regenwetter, M., Grofman, B., Popova, A., Messner,W., Davis-Stober, C.P. & Cavagnaro, D.R. (2008). Behavioural social choice: a status report.PDF File Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 364(1518), 833-843.PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R. (2007). Projection of a medium.PDF File Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 52(1), 55-63.PDF File


Chapters and Proceedings

Myung, J.I., Cavagnaro, D.R., & Pitt, M.A. (in press). Model Evaluation and Selection. In W.H. Batchelder, H. Colonius, E. Dzhafarov, and J.I. Myung, (Eds.),PDF File The new handbook of mathematical psychology, Volume 1: Measurement and methodology. London: Cambridge University Press.PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R. (in press). Computational Approaches to Model Evaluation. In J.D. Wright (Ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition. Elsevier.

Cavagnaro, D.R., Myung, J.I. & Pitt, M.A. (2013). Mathematical Modeling. In T. Little (Ed.),PDF File Oxford Handbook of Quantitative Methods Vol. 1. Oxford University Press.PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R., Pitt, M.A. & Myung, J.I. (2010). Adaptive Design Optimization in Experiments with People.PDF File Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 22, 234-242. MIT Press.PDF File

Myung, J.I., Pitt, M.A., Tang, Y. & Cavagnaro, D.R. (2009). Bayesian Adaptive Design of Psychology Experiments. InPDF File Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies. (CD ROM format).PDF File

Cavagnaro, D.R., Tang, Y., Myung, J.I. & Pitt, M.A. (2009). Better data with fewer participants and trials: Improving experiment efficiency with adaptive design optimization. In N. A. Taatgen & H. Van Rijn (eds.),PDF File Proceedings of the 31th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. (pp. 93-98). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.PDF File


Recent Presentation Slides

EMPG 2016 - Workshop on Probabilistic Specification and Quantitative Testing of Decision Theories: Bayesian Approaches PDF File