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Ph.D., MBA, B.SoSc 
Department of Marketing 
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics 
California State University, Fullerton 
Fullerton CA 92834-6848 
Phone: (657) 278-2231 
Fax: (657) 626-8178 

E-mail  : catwong@fullerton.edu 
Website  : http://mihaylofaculty.fullerton.edu/FacultyWebsites/CatherineAtwong/

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Professional Objectives

Research Interest:

  • Develop and apply innovative methods and analytic techniques to improve marketing research and practices.
  • Areas of research: marketing applications of analytic techniques and the Internet technology.

Teaching Interest :

  • Help students develop analytical abilities, acquire problem-solving skills, and learn to adapt to the changing environments of marketing and business.
  • Use of instructional technologies: social media, databases, Internet-based projects, geographic information analysis, multimedia presentation, computer-assisted case analysis, and simulation.
  • Classes offered: Marketing Information Technology, Developing Marketing Strategies, Principles of Marketing, E-marketing Strategy, Marketing Analysis.


Ph.D. (Marketing) Drexel University

Major in Marketing with special emphasis on quantitative techniques and models. Other marketing areas include international marketing and marketing channel management. Minor in Strategic Management.

MBA Grand Valley State University

Washington Campus Program participant: 
Awarded scholarship by the Washington Campus, a non-profit educational organization at the nation’s capital, to gain first-hand experience with the processes of government in the White House and Congress. The curriculum emphasizes public policy and corporate management.

BSS Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan (JAL scholar) 
Awarded scholarship by the Japan Airlines to study Japanese society and language.



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Other Publications
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Supervising Undergraduate Research Project Award, 2013.

Mihaylo Innovations in Instruction Award, 2012.

Mihaylo Faculty Fellowship, 2012.

Distinguished Research Award, Allied Academies, 2001.

Citation of Excellence, ANBAR Citation of Highest Quality Rating, ANBAR Electronic Intelligence, 1999-2004.

Outstanding Teaching Innovations with Electronic Technology Nominee, CSUF, 1999.

Outstanding Recognition for Creative & Scholarly Activity, CSUF, 1998.

Outstanding Service Recognition for Enhancing Learning Beyond Classroom, CSUF, 1997.

Outstanding Service Recognition for providing outstanding service and leadership with external constituencies, CSUF, 1997

Fellow, CSUF 1996 Faculty Summer Academy - a faculty development program with particular focus on the use of instructional technology.

Teacher Scholar CSUF 1996- recognition for employing new technologies to improve teaching and optimize student learning.

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